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10 Things to do to have Peace if you are a victim of loan apps

In our previous post, we talked about things to do and how you can block loan apps or loan sharks from accessing your contact and you will find the link to the post as you read on with this post. But this time, we need to enlighten our readers who are victims of some of these loan apps like Lcredit or Xcredit on how to manage their selves. 

Pending the time when the Government will find time to look into the activates of these loan sharks, regulate or ban them due to their loan recovery methods, you need to be at peace with yourself and get educated on how to go about it. 

I know that some of these loan apps are faceless people but use loan recovery agent to put pressure on people by calling their contacts unprofessionally, raining curses on contact, sharing photos of customers like their obituary photos, making sure you have no peace and various immature ways of recovering their loans. But will this method ever bring out positive result after defaming people? This is one question you need to ask the agent.

Note that these loan apps or site like Sokoloan loan, Lcredit, X credit, 9credit etc are run by faceless billionaires who tend to use the weakness of the poor as their strength by offering loan without collateral with 7 to 14days repayment which sometimes seems to be very difficult for people to pay back and they become a victim of these loan apps.

Before we go on, we all need to know that anyone who borrow loan must pay back his or her loan and that is one thing you must know and work towards repaying your loan. The money that was giving to you without collateral is people’s money, investors who want profit in return. Although good number of these loan apps operate from India, Lebanon, china and some part of East. 

So if you are already a victim of loan apps or you already owe so many of these apps, to have peace of mind, do this:

1.  Stop borrowing: No matter how many apps you have borrowed money from or owing at this time, please do not borrow money again for the sake of peace. Just discontinue borrowing and focus on how to get yourself in repaying this people. If you don’t borrow money, you won’t die or live, always have it in mind you can always survive and not borrow again. You don’t need to borrow from Lcredit, to palm credit, sokoloan loan, xcredit, 9jacash etc. Just stop borrowing from one loan site or apps to pay the other, you are only complicating issues. 

2.  Don’t fear: In as much as their recovery agent need money to show they are working, do not fear. These agents will pressurize you, send messages to your contacts call your contacts but do not fear because fear can lead to something more serious like shock etc. You have been a victim already and finding solution is what you need because I know some of these loan sharks will soon be out of business. 


3.  Gather Evidences: If you are already a victim of loan apps that is you actually borrowed money from them and they are sending messages to your contacts, please keep some of those messages on your phone or laptops, as reference when you need it to defend yourself. 

4. Get a lawyer: Some recovery agent do go as far posting your photos that you are a criminal on the run for refusing to pay their money. In this case, get a screenshot from one or two people posted to and go give it to a lawyer. It shows you know your right as an individual and i believe any lawyer will like to help in this kind of situation. 

5.  Settle out: Some of these loan apps and their recovery agent are bad but among the bad ones, we still have few who are ready to listen to you. Some even go as far as resending a disclaimer to the contacts that were served the previous messages. If not for the country which seems slow to plea of the citizens on sensitive matter like this, they should have done something to this with immediate effect. 

6. Clear off: I see that they already have some information about your contact which was saved when you applied for the loan initially, you can still prevent them from spying on you by deleting the contact on your gmail contact account, remove permission to access on contacts from your phone settings, and uninstall the app of the loan site or app so that you have a limit to the level of spying they get from you. Although they still have your contact from the very first day you grant them permission to your contact, sms, phone, location etc.

7. Don’t panic: The other time I said you shouldn’t fear but you also need to be courageous and peace of mind. They will send messages to your contacts, call your contacts, call your parents, etc but be ready to deny them that you have nothing to do with them that they are scam. Although many of them are scam and running illegal activities such as forceful deduction of money from people’s account, reporting to credit bureau, etc. 

8. Illegal: Since they are illegally operating in the country without a visible office, please try as much as possible not to deal with them anymore which means they have lose a customer for they unprofessional way of doing things. 

9. Get loan elsewhere: Please do not patronize all these 7 to 14 days loan site again; they are evil, illegal and unprofessional. Download your bank app like Gtbank, Fcmb, Firstbank, Zenith bank etc all which have loan packages either as salary account or not. Check loan and seek loan from these legit banks and avoid taking loan from loan apps like Lcredit because many of them are illegal.

So, if you have fallen victim to these loan sharks and not app anymore, you have to find ways of finding solution to these problem and find peace by contacting them and seeking ways of repayment but if they continue to do those rubbish, then take it up on them. There are good bank with low interest rate on loans like Gtbank which are registered and not unregistered scam putting people on pressure all because you seek loan from them. Thanks

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