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Good Loan Apps That Are Reliable with Fast Disbursement in Nigeria

 What are Good Loan Apps That Are Reliable with Fast Disbursement in Nigeria?

I have noticed that are thousands or hundreds of loan apps in Nigeria all across the Google playstore and ios store promising fast loans and credibility of the highest order. But I did my research and I came up with few numbers of loan apps that are very good and reliable with fast disbursement of the amount which you want to borrow from them. 

Talking about seeking loans from some of these apps, you need to consider a lot of things like how safe is your BVN, Address, phone number, card number, date of birth information, employers information and other factors. 

But indeed, there are good loans site and apps that have pass this test and the test shows that they are very reliable and keep your records safe from unauthorized access or people who may want to use it to defraud you or people related to you. 


I classified and certified this loan apps or site as good because of their fast disbursement, keeping of your private records, they will never sell your emails or contact to third party and also don’t usually report to credit bureau only if you are a defaulter. While some loan apps out of hundred even scam people to pay before accessing loans, these apps mentioned here will never ask you for money before they send loans to you or before you cash out of their wallet.

Talking about method of deposit and customer care, they are perfect and make their customers their priority and their customer care wont insult or victimize you because you borrowed money from them. So thee good loan apps or website includes;

1. Carbon:   Carbon was formerly called paylater which seems to be one of the best and most reliable loan apps in Nigeria. They have easy deposit method which you can pay your debt or load funds to your wallet. Their interest fee is quite moderate and still one of the safest apps in the country as a now. 

Carbon will never sell out your information to third party which might want to defraud you of your hard earned money. They also disburse loans very fast if you meet the criteria as a first user and they usually don’t need collateral before they can give you money.  So if you are thinking of getting reliable loan apps in Nigeria with a fast or quick service, then carbon is a god option. 

2. Branch: Second to the first best loan apps in Nigeria with fast disbursement is Branch. Branch is very reliable and good in terms of security, giving out money, and keeping your records safe. The method of depositing fund is through your bank card, bank wire, local bank deposit and other methods. 

While receiving money goes through the wallet where you can perform so many functions like send to other bank account, send to your local bank, make payment online and also receive payment for goods and services. Branch customer care is also very good and you won’t be falling for scam as you deal with this loan app. 

3. Fairmoney: I have been a member or user of fair money for a long time and I’ve been enjoying their services since then till now. They have a good customer care that responds quickly to your questions or queries, their method of deposit, withdrawal seems to be simple through creation of a wallet for you where you do what you like. 

For example you can send to many or other account through your wallet. And you can also buy, load and keep money in your wallet with this loan app. Fairmoney won’t sell your information to third party and they give out loans without collateral as well. And the loan ranges within 5000 to 5million irrespective if you have a salary account or not. 

4. Nodcredit: This is also a good loan apps in Nigeria with good recommendation because of their fast disbursement of loan. They also keep your records safe and give you loan if you meet their criteria such as providing useful and right information on what you do and what you are. Their loans also range from 10,000 to 1million. 

5. Palmcredit: I won’t say because palmcredit didn’t work well with me means they are not good. Their interest on loans seems a bit high for me and their customer care seems to be calm although they embarrass some people. They give out loans fast and palmcredit also offer other services like easybuy where people buy phones on credit and pay installment from their account at the stipulated time. 

Palmcredit also keep records save, they do not double charge you and now seems to be among the best loan apps in Nigeria if you pay your loans at the right time and don’t have problems with them. 

6. Lcredit: This site is good and is what I am using now but their interest is a little on the high side with interest fee and charge fee on different amount. But the money gets delivered with a short time o any account you provide. Although they disturb on arrival of the due date of your loan but you are rest assured the loan with come

7. Xcredit: This Xcredit good and one of the best right now but their interest is a little on the high side with interest fee and charge fee on different amount. But the money get delivered within a short time into any account you provide. Although they disturb on arrival of the due date of your loan but you are rest assured the loan with come

8. Renmoney: Renmoney is good loan apps with very reliable record and fast giving of loans but their interest seems to be too high for me but it might be good for you because people are different. Their loan approval method might not be as fast like carbon branch and other but they offer higher loans than these entire loan site. 

If the loan is running into millions, you might need to upload some documents to them so as to have your loan granted within a short period. You can see for their loans on their website of through their apps on playstore and follow the steps from there. 

9. Others: Others with good and reliable records on loan and fast disbursement are sendmoney, okash, opay, kashkash and sokoloan. I really don’t have much information on these because I haven’t use them personally and I will be back to give more update on them as we progress. 

These are the good site I have seen that give out loans very fast, good customer service, good loan length period like 30 days period and keep the record account info, card info all safe. If you have any feedback or question, don’t forget to use the comment box. Thanks. 

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