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How much is an injury or death motorcycle accident case worth?

There are many variables that go into calculating the worth or value of the settlement. Insurance factors,

circumstances of the motorcycle wreck, and other factors. Contact us so we can ask some questions and get you a better answer.

In my experience, only specializing lawyers know all of the different avenues of recovery for all your different damages.  We know them all and will explore each.

For example, is the owner of the vehicle involved responsible under the law?  Does the owner of the vehicle have a separate insurance policy?  Is there a special notice that is required in your type of motorcycle accident case?

Is there a special insurance policy on the motorcycle or any vehicle that will pay you additional compensation?  Is there an umbrella policy?  

I have represented countless clients who have fallen for the empty promises of insurance adjusters promising them a fair offer if they just provide this information, and then more information and then sign this authorization.

After much stalling sometimes an offer comes – a very low one in the client regrets ever attempting the endeavor themselves.

And sometimes the injured motorcyclist actually hurts his case because of the things he is done and said to the insurance adjuster when he tried to adjust the case himself without a lawyer.

Do not get taken advantage of:

I do not recommend signing anything unless a lawyer authorizes it first.  Signing insurance company blank ‘Records Authorization’ can allow them carte blanche access to your past life including but not limited to your life long hospital

and doctor records,  employment files, wage information, tax records and other personal information.  They even may be able to run a credit report on you.

I do not recommend even talking to the negligent driver’s insurance company; and I certainly don’t think you should give a recorded statement.

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