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How to Achieve a Financial Breakthrough still doing Salary Jobs

 What are the ways I can achieve financial breakthrough while still doing my salary jobs? I got this question from one of my readers and still got something related few days back. That’s why I decided to convert it to a blog post so that we all can learn one or two facts from this update.

Facts: Some fact about salary jobs is that the money is sure and timely but before the end of the month, expenses would have been lined up for you and as time goes on, you might not be able to cope again and you begin look for a change of job probably for a job that pays higher believing it will solve your financial issues. 

Even in business, there are shortcomings, mismanagement, competition and the law of diminishing returns can set in. That’s is why many fail in business and still feel salary jobs seems better. Another thing I noticed is that when the parent are the salary jobs type with white collar job or for someone who’s been in service as a civil servant for more than 30years will also want thier children settle for a white collar job which are mainly salary based. 

But if you look at the situation nowadays, even people who are in offices doing white collar jobs either with Government or private are still doing one business or the other to support their pay at the end of the month. This has helped many people have financial breakthrough and success in the best of their ability.  Combining salary jobs and business is still manageable and not stressful. 

How do we get financial success still doing Salary jobs, you need to do the following:

1. Online jobs: One of the good things to do to achieve financial breakthrough with Salary jobs is to do some online jobs as part time jobs. While working in the office, you can still create time to do some business online and get paid. It might not be easy but I’m sure it works. 

You can still do some affiliate programs, trade forex at free times, start a blog, promote people’s business,  do some micro works on Fiverr or Upwork and many more. People still watch videos for cash, people still do researches, people still get paid to test new products etc.


2. Side Business: You can also get financial success with Salary jobs by doing some side businesses. Many people are into this but it’s good. While you work in your office, you can still check the need of people in your place of work like people who need cloths, shoes, jewelries, etc. 

A friend of mine started to sell inexpensive jewelries in her place of work secretly and on the last day of week, she realized she gotten some profit and people who promise end of the month also paid when the month was over. This made her have financial breakthrough while still working and maintaining her salary work.

3. Invest: To be financially bouyant at work and you don’t want to do business, then start investing. There are many ways to invest and make some good profit through your investment. 

Banks now have target savings at high rate, invest in cryptocurrencies, buy available shares, still as your bank the open ways to invest your money and make money at the long run. 

4. YouTube: You will wonder how YouTube is related to being financially stable. Your 9-5 salary work doesn’t stop you from being a YouTuber. It only involves you teaching people what you do, your area of expertise or what you r good at. 

We have nurses in YouTube, doctors, dieticians etc all which still work but find time on weekends to upload videos and solve people’s problem. You can get paid based on views from ads, you can also get paid when you sell slot and doing paid adverts for companies or people. It makes you richer without affecting your salary job. 

5. Sell your services: One of the ways to achieve financial success in what you do is to sell your services to people especially through the internet. You don’t need to limit yourself to your place of work but come out of that shell and expose your brand. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc to promote your work on the internet and you will be getting paid while you do that.

6. Buy and sell: let me tell you this, someone approached me that he needs a laptop and I told him not to worry that I already have someone who sells. I contacted the seller and buyer together, they agreed on price and that’s all. 

I got paid from the transaction and the buyer also gave me small cash while I’m not even the main seller but a middle man. Do you know how much the seller would have made in profit? 

7. Save to start a business: We need to realize that your salary pay at the end of the month or week isn’t for you to start blasting and spending but for you to save some which will later become your starting capital to start your small business. 

I realize that even the pension paid at the end of the service year is being used to start a business by many people especially those who are still very young and agile. Why not start on time when the energy is still there. I have someone who started a job with the Government and after some years, he seek for loan and started his own school business while still working for the government. Isn’t this a good idea. 

These are some of the things we need to do so as to be financially okay while still maintaining our salary jobs. Like we discussed, you need to save to start a business while working, you need to get a loan to start a business while working, you need to buy and sell, you need to sell your services, you need to invest, start creating videos, promote people’s product on Instagram, do some side businesses at your place of work silently and do some online jobs. All these will help make you achieve financial breakthrough while working as a salary worker. Thanks.

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