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How to Get Loan Without a Collateral or Without Going to the Bank

I am writing this based on personal opinion, what I have tried, what I do, what I have seen and what works for me in getting money to finance my business and I believe you might probably be in such difficult situation where you need a loan urgently or not.

What are the ways I can get loan without going to the bank and without having any collateral? I noticed that having  good information makes things easy and that is why the internet is such a beautiful that has ever happened to mankind where you can get any kind of information you seek just on your phone or on your system.

Gone are those days where we need to go to the bank to get a loan or get money to do some things which we need. Now, you can get a loan without a collateral or going to the bank but just at the comfort of your home. 

Some people believe that you must get to the bank to get a loan to finance any business or start a business, all these aren’t through any more. There are ways to go about it now especially if you have about internet connected device for you to seek information and fill forms on what to do. 

So, you may not need to go to the bank for loan but just try any of the following ideas;

1. Your Bank App: The truth still remains that some people still don’t know few things about the bank they use and the app. The fact is that every bank apps have a loan menu where you can check if you are eligible to get loans or not. It’s the fastest for people who are salary workers because theirs is fast in getting loan due to steady source of income but not only that, salary workers are also eligible for such loans. 

What you have to do if you need this type of loan is that just go through your bank app, check the loan and maneuver yourself around that area if you will see for sure if you are eligible for the loan. Almost all banks now offer loans to their customers and you are free to check yours which comes without collateral or without going to the bank only through your app.

2.  Government Grants: I was just discussing with a colleague about loans or grants not knowing that she’s already collected so much money in boosting her business from the Government. While we remain and didn’t have much information, she has already collected household loans and grants from Government especially when the covid-19 was still at its peak. 


It shows that we a only need information all which we can get without going to the bank. While people are complaining no money, some people are enjoying various loans and grants from Government while others are still in the dark. The basic truth is that you need to get the link or check Government programs or news on social media or news section of top forum where you can still see discussion of Government loans or grants.

3. Private Lenders: These are people or corporate bodies that give out loans or money to people in need for financial assistant. I was on checking through discussion on a Facebook Group that discuss about money and loans when the admin listed out some private money lenders that are real and could give out loans if you meet up with the criteria. But you need to be careful because some are scam and do not fall for scam. 

Some private lenders are associated with some microfinance banks which makes them legit but you must do your part by paying the loan as at when due and when you promise to pay. 

4. Some families or friends: I am one of the few people who don’t believe in family’s support especially when it comes to financial assistant but few people still help. I need to raise some money like $5000 sometimes ago and after trying so many people, a friend believed in me and gave me $2000 inform of loan. I was happy because I didn’t believe this could happen. This shows that some people can still help. You don’t need to go to the bank have a collateral to get money from your friend or family; some of these people are still reliable. 

5. Loan apps: There are so many loan apps which have flooded the internet but we know some which are still very reliable. I made a post on some which are still very reliable and don’t forget o check this link below to read through. Some loan apps are very good, they pay fast and still don’t harass people while so does. I gave out a list if reliable loan apps and you also Google search some of the good apps in your area which can assist. 

Some online loan apps are very reliable and can still give you long duration of loan which makes it possible for you to use it wisely, get your gains and return back their money with interest. Some requires you to start small and you build your credit score within a short time which makes you have more access to a higher loan in few weeks or month and that is it. 

So, these are the various ways you can get a loan without going to the bank and with no collateral. You only need a good credit score and a repayment plan and that is all. 

Check all through these five listed ways you get this loan without going to bank or having collateral. Mind you, do not expose your bank id or information to anyone claiming to be a bank staff or central bank and be careful. 

If you have other means that works for you, don’t hesitate to use the comment box so we all get so information on what have been working for you. Thanks for reading. 

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