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How to Get Money to Start a Small Scale Business Without Stress?

What are the ways to Get Money to Start a Small Scale Business Without Stress?

I decided to write on this topic “getting money to start a small scale business without stress or losing” because I know that many people are in my shoes or condition of wanting to start a small business but no money to start and the business ideas dies. 

It’s sound too ridiculous to have a business idea, you’ve tried it and you wish to start or enlarge it but you have no fund. I attended a skill acquisition center last week and I saw so many people. Many of learnt so amby skills, some still learning while others have mastered their skills but where will the funding come from? 

Some don’t even have an idea where the money will come from, some will still struggle to get money to start and sone will never start due to lack of money. So, if you are reading this, it’s your turn not to waste time in your skills and seek fund and start your small business. 

I will like you to know that Information is power and you will be wealthy if you have the right information on what to do, how to do it and how to get it. 


Let go straight to business of the day, you can get money to start your business without going through stress by doing the following;

1. Friends and Family: I know many of us have given up on families for help because many of them will never render any help especially when it come to monetary matters. But I will like you to know that some people still do and do not always think that friends and family can’t help but feel can. 

There was a time I blew up my funds in my forex account due to silly mistakes and lack of understanding, I was now looking for funds which I couldn’t get. So I talked to fee friends and they said no money because things were really difficult but an uncle gave me $30 which I was happy and makes me get back to business. So, if you have your skill and you need money, you can still talk to some friends and family and out of 10, I believe one of them will get you something no matter how small. 

2. Government funds: I see that many people don’t really have information on what is going around them in terms of financial assistance. There are so many countries now that the Government are helping small scale business grow by giving out not only loans but grants. While others are shouting that no money, some people who are informed are getting funds or money from Government while you are shouting you couldn’t get any. 

Before I realize this, many of my friends have collected thousands from the Government but I wasn’t informed. What you do is that you seek or search latest Government grants or programs on SMEs where you will find hundreds or both state or federal government financial assistance programs. So, I am using this means to let you know that Government can also be a source of money to start your business irrespective of who you are. 

3. Your Bank: If you seek ways of getting money to start your small scale business, then your Bank can also be of help. Have you noticed that Banks are even sending messages to people to come and collect loan with low interest although it was ordered by the Government. 

People are collecting money from their banks easily these days without a collateral especially if you have a good credit score with them. Most commercial banks are helping small and medium scale businesses by offering a low interest. You can visit any branch of your Bank and ask about it. You can also check through your Bank app and I believe you will definitely see a place where loan section where you can seek a loan to start your business. 

4. Reliable loan apps: While you are searching for ways to get funds to start your small scale business without stress, have you checked some reliable loan apps. I never believed some loan apps can give you reliable amount of money until I tried some. But the little problem you will have is that these app short duration which ranges from 30days to 60days. 

But its sure without collateral if you need not too much amount of money. You can Google for some of these loan apps around your region so you can get the names of these sites or apps which are relevant and good to get the money without stress. 

5. Microfinance Banks: To get money to start your small scale business, you can check through microfinance Banks around you especially if you don’t have collateral because you are just a starter. 

The primary work of microfinance Banks is for small and medium scale businesses to get funds based on your trust, credit score and savings. Some need you to open account with them while some won’t even require you to do that. I have walked into a microfinance bank in my area and I was welcome and given a form to fill containing the address of the business, my phone number, address and fee guarantors and that is all. 

6. Reliable money lenders: I noticed that one of the things that hinders us from getting what we want is lack of information. I really don’t know that people still get money from private money lenders as long as you’ve been trusted. Some of them are around even on social media but be careful of scam.  

7. Savings: You can also save your way up to your targeted limit if you are serious about it. It takes lot of discipline and seriousness to save money aimed at starting a business. I have seen people on social media save money in a piggy bank and after 11months, it was a whole lot of money which you can also do same. 

We now have apps or site that works like piggy bank where you can give an order that a certain amount should be withdrawn from your account a stable date and time. This will help you achieve your goal within a short time and that is it. 

Other ways on how to get money fast to start a business will be posted in our next post and I believe you’ve seen that there are actually sure ways to get money to start a business without stress only if you have the right information. Share this, like and subscribe to us to get more updates from us as soon as we  post. Thanks

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