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How to Know the Best Loan App to Borrow Money from and Enjoy Their Services

It is a very ridiculous thing do if you don’t know the activities of these loan apps and went ahead to do business with them by borrowing money from them without having a deep knowledge about them. If you do so, you are putting yourself is serious problem at the end of the day because of many of these apps are scam. 

They will continue to scam you offering fast disbursement of funds to you, and you will never enjoy their services after one or two transaction done with them. Simply because many of these sites are not registered, many of these site employ inexperience workers, many are terrible and are not regulated while some of them operate illegally in a country. 

Some countries are beginning to frown at these sites and even close them down while we await the Government of this country to do something about this loan app or loan site operating in the country. The funniest part is that many of these apps are owned by people or brought in from other countries to come and extort people with 7 to 14 working days repayment, please don’t fall for this scam again.


How do I know the best loan apps to borrow money from and be at peace? I will like to highlight the following point to help you select the best or how to go about it if that is the only option left for you. 

1.  Ignore 7 to 14 days loan period: There are many sites like Lcredit, Xcredit, Sokoloan, 9Credit, and many more that offer 7 to 14 days loan period, please ignore this apps and don’t be attracted towards their loan offers. Any loan apps promising a loan period of 7days isn’t a good loan site. Just don’t borrow anymore from any lender that seek 7 days repayment period of loan. How do you intend to pay back if you agree to this loan offer? I have see people fall victim of this and they end up owing many of these site just to borrow money from one and pay the other and they fall victim to this nicely.

2.  No offices: You can also know the best loan app to borrow money from simply by asking where their offices are located across the country and contact address too. Some of these apps don’t have offices and operate online due to their dubious and illegal activities. Many of these loan apps operate illegally, they are not regulated and are scam, please don’t fall for scam.

3.  Use your bank loan program only: If I were you, I would restrict myself to taking loans from your bank only. We have banks like Gtbank, Zenith, Firstbank, Fcmb etc all which already have a name and fully registered by the Government to give out loan and not some useless loan apps that will give you problem at the end of the day. I see the Government gave money to commercial banks to give out various loans like salary advance, top up loans, quick credit and many more. Even if you don’t have salary account, your bank apps can still give out loan based on your credit score. Visit any nearest bank branch to get more information on this.

4.  Check Negative and positive reviews: I noticed that many people are usually in a rush to get loans from some of these apps but people fail to check the reviews of these site on Google play store review or forums. Most of these loan app or sites have bad review from people and why should you go and borrow money from a site with bad feedback. These sites should be banned and left to close down because of their unprofessional way of handling credits. Some even disburse loan without the user seeking a loan while some deduct money illegally from the account of their users usually higher from the money they owe or double deduction. You can’t get them because they don’t have office and customer services are very poor. 

5.  Repayment: I have see a loan app that started calling the contact of people who knows nothing about the loan and keep sending messages to contact even after a day of failure to repay loan. Please pay your loan as at when due or as at the time of agreement but calling and sending messages to contact is a no go area for me. If loan apps like Lcredit, Xcredit, Sokoloan and many other apps can be doing this to people then why should you also get involved in such loan apps if you don’t want problem for yourself? I have seen loan app raining curses on defaulters, sending defamatory messages to contact like criminal or obituary messages to people that you are a defaulter and other unprofessional ways. If you have heard of this like Lcredit does, why seek loan from such apps again because they disburse loans very fast? 

6.  Gather more information: They are information online that will help you, guide you on reputable loan sites only if you check very well and even read their terms and conditions. I saw an app which I don’t know the name for now. These apps ask the borrower to snap a picture of their id card and show it on a camera placing it on the head and uploading it. This is not a good thing to do because you are agreeing to a very nonsense offer with your ID card place on your head. That is how they will send it to many people and contact if you default in your payment which is very bad. 

In conclusion, be careful of some of these loan services or apps claiming fast disbursement of loan.  Stay away from 7 to 14 days loan offer from loan apps because you end up becoming their slave. Get more information about these apps before doing business with them and you will enjoy their services if you do all these but if not, some of these sites like Lcredit will disgrace you. Thank you. 

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  1. The best loan apps I have seen ad used without issues is fair money, carbon and branch loan. Any other loan app apart from these is scam. Pls run

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