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How to Stop Loan Apps from Accessing Your Bank Account or Money in the Bank Account

How do I stop Loan Apps from accessing my bank account or the money in my bank account? I welcome you to this site and as you read on with this post, I will be giving you ideas on how to block loan apps from accessing the money in your bank account or preventing them from getting access to the money in your account.

Before we continue, I have written few ideas on loan apps also known as loan sharks that threaten people with calls, send defamatory messages to contact and how you can stop all these. Even after you uninstall these loan apps still find ways of calling your contact or sending messages to your contact especially Xcredit, Lcredit, Cashlion, Sokoloan apps and many more 

I thought the Government will never find solution to these until I heard on the news that FCCPC raided their office few days ago and gave them a through warning. The fact is that many of them run illegal business thinking there’s no law in the country that guides against their illegal activities like sending defamatory messages to people which isn’t a good way to get their money back. 


How to stop loan apps from Accessing Bank Account fund

There are ways you can prevent yourself or your money from unlawful withdrawal of money from your account simply by doing the following;

1. Gtbank Card Protect: If you are using Gtbank card, you can prevent your money in the bank simply by switching off the bank protect button on the card. I know many people use Gtbank and if you are using the GTCO bank apps, just login to the app, and move to card protect menu and switch it off. Doing this, the loan apps like Lcredit, Cashlion, Xcredit, and many of the illegal apps won’t have access to your bank account or get the money in your bank account. 

This feature is good because the card is not blocked totally because you can still use the apps to send money, make transfers, pay bills and do other things. But I didn’t know if other bank has this app lock or card protect feature. I will get you informed if I see any bank card have this card to protect their user’s card from illegal access to their account. 

2. Block your Card: If you have issues or pending payment with the loan apps such as sokoloan, lcredit, xcredit etc, then you need to block your card. Even if you are legit and you don’t owe any of these loan apps, you still need to block your card because you never can tell if these loan sharks won’t sell or give your information to third party. 

So, you need to block your card immediately which all believes all bank have that feature on their card. These loan apps can only get access to your bank fund through your card because you have given them access to withdrawing money from your account which needs to be blocked. 

3. Change your card: Loan apps won’t have access to deducting money from your account if you have changed your card. Some of these apps are not legit and could have access to your bank account when you least expect. Either you owe them or you aren’t as long as they have your information then you are at risk of these people getting access and withdrawing your money but if you block it, then you find other ways of paying their money like send to bank account which is better. Even after you have uninstalled their apps, you will still have to block that card because your information is still on their system. 

4. Ignore any spam messages: One of the ways you can also block these loan apps from getting access to your bank account fund is that you need to be watchful of any message you get that ask you to provide information of your bank details. 

Some apps like fair money don’t send messages to contacts but I was surprise when I got a call from fair money loan collection agent that my BVN is being tampered with that I should send my card pin to a particular number for upgrade. I Laughed and was like how gullible some people can be to fall for such scam. Do not click on any link either through Whatsapp or face book telling you to provide your BVN information. 

5. Report to your Bank: To stop or block any loan apps from accessing the money in your bank account or get access to your bank account, you need to ensure you contact your bank officer which you can get by going to the nearest bank branch or sending information to the email of your bank that you don’t want anyone to access your bank account or remove the fund in it. Then they will tell you what to do and you will be free. ‘

6. Change card pin: Someone said can she change her bank card pin and transaction pin to prevent her card from some of this loan app and I said yes. Changing your pin is also a good way to block them from your bank account. 

Even if you have paid these apps, or you don’t owe them or you have uninstalled their apps, please you also need to change your pin because they are not be trusted. Since the Government have made it clear that many of these loan apps are illegal, then you also need to be careful with them. 

In conclusion, I believe I have been able to clear this now because I still get questions like how do I prevent cashlion from accessing my bank account, some will ask of Lcredit, some will ask of Sokoloan, Xcredit, Xcashcash etc. What you need to do is to ensure you block your card, report to your bank about this, change card Atm pin, Ignore spam messages and use the card protect option on Gtbank card. Do all these and you will be save from loan apps? Thanks for reading. 

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  1. These loan apps especially sokoloan and Gocash can't have access to your bank account if you change your ATM card. I did and it work. ATM change is just 1k

  2. If you aren't so smart with the handling of your cards, they can gain access to it. But doing the following won't allow loan apps get access to the money in your bank account

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