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How to Work From Home from any Country in the World and Still Get Paid in Dollars

 How can I work from home from any country and still get paid in Dollars? Up till now, I still receive questions on working from home and getting paid in Dollars and I have decided to write a extensive descriptive steps on this so that all of us can learn and start working. 

Now that the COVID-19 is gradually reducing, many jobs have been lost, many people weren’t not called back to work again, many businesses have crumbled, businesses fall but freelancers, traders, micro workers all smiled to the bank and still getting paid in dollars while working from home. 

I noticed people are limited when it comes to working online but claim since they aren’t in USA, they can’t do any work from home and get paid in dollars. Our information will out you back on the track as you get set on this. 

It’s not too late to be among the few people who are working online from home anywhere in the world and getting paid in dollars. You might not only be in US or UK to work from home (although most companies are situated in US) but if you are either in Asia, Africa or other developing countries, you can still get paid in dollars while you work. 

Payment solution: if you are to work from home from anywhere or any country, the first thing is to get means of getting paid which is known as payment solution. 

The best payment solution can be PayPal, Cash app, International Mastercard like Payoneer card, Bank wire, Gift cards, Local bank transfer, Domiciliary account and many more. 

You only need to find the best payment solution for yourself so as to get ready for the work. You still need to have a Domiciliary account, go your bank and start the process of having a Domiciliary account, get your ID if necessary and read on with what we have to tell you so that you can get paid in dollars. 

If you are to work from home and get paid in dollars from any country you are, the you need to do the following;

1. Micro jobs: Although this type of work might not be for everyone but people who have one skill or the other to sell. If you think you don’t have any skill, then start learning something and get good at that thing, this is one way you can sell something on sites like fiver for $5, $10 and higher. 

Fiverr is a place where buyers meet sellers and if you have skills to offer like article writing, video editing, animation and many more, then head on to Fiverr and start working. You don’t need to be in USA or UK to work on Fiverr or Upwork, you just need to be a good at something and get paid for it. Go to Fiverr and check what is happening there in terms of gigs and orders.

2. Watching videos and Surveys: I used to think watching videos and Surveys are old ways of working online and getting paid in dollars from any any country you are untill I found someone who makes reasonable amount of income from watching videos and taking surveys online. 

The time and data plan used to make watching unnecessary videos on facebook or Instagram can still be used to watch these videos where you get paid overtime. Is that not better than just wasting away time instead working and getting those cents which will later accumulate to form a reasonable amount. 

You can get this strated on sites like Swagbucks, inbox dollars, pinecone research, panda research, etc. But most of these sites pay by PayPal and you also need to hide your IP if need requires. 

3. YouTube: Youtubing is all about creating videos, sharing your experience or area of expertise and getting paid for it after reaching 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hour. That is if you want start making money through Google ads but you can make money from different method and through other ads network. 

This is really a serious and more like an investment of time which requires no specific area of location but just creating videos. Google pays everyone from different countries in dollars without considering any location and you work at home. More of this and how to start creating videos will be posted in our next updates.

4. Blogging: Blogging is just like YouTube because the slight difference is that one is a video while the other is text or words. Blogging allows you to work from home and get paid in dollars while you stay in any country outside USA or UK because it’s legit and Google pays anyone from any country. 

It requires you to have a site which can be free or hosted. The free website can be on blogger while the hosted one involves a paid hosting of few dollars per month or per year. You will get paid in dollars when you allow Google to place ads on your site, you can also get paid through affiliate marketing and some sponsored post.  


5. Online Investments: There are many legit online investment programs that allows you to get paid in dollars from any country. It can be inform of crypto-currencies where you buy coins and when it gains, you sell some or part of it just like what Bitcoin is doing now. It may rise or fall. 

If you can’t invest in Bitcoin, why not get some uncommon or new coins with promising future where you cash out seriously if the coins later advance in the market.

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6. Trading online: Trading online is in different categories and I am comfortable with forex trading, Metal trading, pocket option, and football trading. But my best is still forex trading but you cannot do forex without getting instructions and learning it well before live trading. 

People are really making money from the comfort of their homes trading forex which seems a bit twisting and difficult if you don’t sit down to learn it, trade demo account, and get a mentor for yourself. You have to choose a broker which tells you their threshold for withdrawal which doesn’t depend on any country or currency.

All these ideas are good for you to work online from home and get paid in dollars from anywhere in the world. Just get your payment gateway ready and the sky will be your limit. Thanks

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