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Internet Business Ideas That Doesn’t Fail With or Without Experience

We are here to provide you with the best internet business ideas with little or no failure rate so that you can start and earn some extra income without leaving your day job with or without experience.  Internet businesses are jobs or business you can do through your internet connected phone or computer without stress or paying anyone to have access to the program. 

Some internet businesses are very genuine, real and pay high. Although some online based programs or jobs seem like investment but in reality, you are investing your time for future earnings. I once have businesses I do online but I sold those sites but after a while, I wondered what those sites will have been if I hadn’t sold those sites. By now, I will have become a premium customer and getting paid weekly in dollars even while I sleep. 

The same ideas I want to share to you to that you can start business on the internet with your phone even if you don’t have a laptop to start with. As long as you have an internet connected device like your android phone, then that’s all you need to start online business.

Now, there many internet businesses those are uncountable as I speak to you. Some will fail especially those that promise fast payout within short time. I have seen many adverts on social media promising make money online within a month, within 2 weeks, within a week and many more. Some programs like HYIP investment do crash a lot and I won’t be advising you to venture into such business. 

But, there are real and legitimate internet businesses that don’t fail even if you have experience in it or not. These online businesses haven’t failed in the past, even in the present and I don’t see this businesses failing in the future. These businesses with low failure rates include;

1. Affiliate Marketing: When it comes to internet business with low failure rate, I will be mentioning affiliate marketing first. This is sure and easy to do with little or no experience. You online visit good affiliate sites in your area or pick around good ones in USA, UK ore Europe that accept international, get their product inform of a code or banner and start promoting. You get commission based on lead, action or sales generated through your promotion. 

In those days, we use blogs or sites but now, the social media is there to help you boost sales. You can also use paid promotion to boost your sales. One thing I did sometimes ago was to register with my domain registrar which was Namecheap. I navigated to their affiliate section, get their affiliate link and place it on my site and I was paid on every sale I get from that action. Their so many sites like Clickbank, Amazon, Ebay, with very god affiliate programs and start promoting their product and that is all. 

2. Buying and Selling: Another business that doesn’t fail people while doing it online as an expert or not is to buy and sell. There many retail stores online where you can buy from and sell it cheaply to your friends around you or on social media. I have a friend that buys from stores like Aliexpress, Alibaba, Amazon etc and resell to people around.

 You may not even sell other people’s product but sell your own product if you know how to do something or probably have a skill on something. Like if you know how to sow cloth, bake cake, do shoes or palm slippers, etc You can do all these things and sell them online buy posting on your facebook timeline, whatsapp, whatsapp status, Linkeddin, Twitter, Instagram etc. 

3. Google Adsense: I normally tell people that Google adsense si one of the oldest internet businesses I have known, I have been paid through it several times. To get money from Google Adsense, you don’t need too much experience in it. What you need is to get a domain from one of the domain registrars like Namecheap, Get a hosting account and design a blog and start posting interesting things on it. 

You can also get it cheap by just getting a domain only and using a free hosting like blogger and that is all. With time, you will be qualified for Google adsense program which allows you to earn some revenue on your site through adverts placed on it through Google. I believe the new world now is a world of advertising where you get paid for ads to display on your site. If you need more information on having Google Adsense enabled site, then contact the Admin for further information on how to go about it. 


4. Youtubing:  YouTube is a social video sharing site where you upload videos on and it. It serves a s a medium of entertainment when people see, watch and enjoy your videos but it can also be a medium of earning money online. To some people, YouTube is their business because they do skit, people watch those kits either its funny or not and they get paid through adverts displayed on it through Google. 

The only condition for YouTube is that you must have 1000 subscribers and over 4,000 watch hour. This will grant you access into Youtube partner program where you get paid for adverts displayed on your videos. When you watch youtube videos and you see ads roll in before the video starts, in the middle of the video or at the end of the video, then that is how the owner of the channel makes his or her money. 

5. Micro Jobs: Micro jobs are also internet business ideas that don’t fail. Micro jobs is also a good way to do business online with low failure rate because you only sell your service as gig and get paid for it. Any area of expertise you are, you can do micro jobs on sites like zeerk, fiverr, upwork  by rendering your services and selling it for as low as $5 or higher. I saw a gig when someone said I will wake you up daily at 5:00am every for $5. What is the stress on this or any experience attached?

6. Freelancing: This is also a good way to start something online and earn from it. There are sites on the internet that provide freelancing jobs like, and many sites. You assist in getting project done or content writing and many more. You can research more on this through Google and I am sure lot of sites will spring up on that. 

In conclusion, these are internet business ideas that won’t fail you with or without experience. Check freelancing jobs, micro jobs on fiverr, create a youtube channel, do business with Google adsense and start Affiliate marketing. Thanks for reading.

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