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List of Loan Apps That Call Contacts and Send Messages to Contacts

We’ve being on this for a while now all in the name of enlightening people about loan apps, what they do, how they tend to recover their payments from defaulters by calling and sending messages to contacts. 

It’s a bad thing if you don’t have much information on loan apps that call contacts. The ideas is that these loan app store your contact on the first time you register through commands that indicate gain access to photos, contacts, location and phone. 

I know some of these apps have good intentions by borrowing people loan and operating their business normally and maturely while some are just directly opposite of what we have described now. All the loan apps that promise fast loan with no collateral but a repayment of 7 to 14days are pure scam. 

And what you need to do is to stay away from such loan apps before you get destroyed because I don’t know the loan you want to take that will guarantee a repayment in 7days. 


Loan apps that send messages to contacts or apps that call contact are very rampant with hundreds of them on playstore but we have a compilation of some apps that call contacts, send messages to contacts and those rain abusive words on their users or defaulters which will be posted as you read on. Not just for fancy but for information purposes so as to know if you can cope with their mode of operation or not. 

1. Ncash

2. Easemoni

3. Nairaplus

4. Ncash

5. Lcredit

6. Truenaira

7. Imoney

8. Icash

9. Okash

10. icredit

11. Sokoloan

12. NowNow cash

13. Ucash

14. Money hub

15. Quickcheck

16. Gocash

17. Xcredit

18. 9credit

19. Kashkash

20. Quickcredit

21. Angeloan

22. Nextcredit

23. Link credit

24. Cash lion

25. Cash sea

26. GGmoney

27. Ucredit

28. Naira hub

29. X cross cash

30. Ucash

These are the list of loan apps calling contact you need to know. Endeavor to read their terms and conditions very well because it’s been upgraded to something more severe in operation of sending messages to contact even on the very first day of loan defaults. 

Some of the loan apps have been removed from Google play due to bad reviews and feedback, some still find their ways back to Google play still doing their thing while some change their name but with the same style and staffs. 

I read one loan app ask people to put their id card on their head, take a snap and upload it to them for verification upon 7 days loan period. This is not good enough and don’t let these toast you for nothing. Imagine a loan app giving you a loan of 5k and asking you to pay 8k within 7days of getting the loan. 

How do these loan apps access your contact? They do access your contact when you register and permit them to gain access to your contact, phone, location, pictures and many more.

How do loan apps store contacts? They store contact on their system on a spread sheet. They already know people will default or there will be defaulters, so they store their number and begin to send messages to them when you default. 

These are the list of loan apps that call contact or send messages to people contact list when they default. If you’ve already been engaged with them, keep up your promise by paying back your loan even before the due date or else you will face it big time. And if you are the soft hearted person who doesn’t like to be disgraced, then avoid these loan apps and go borrow loan from your bank.

How to remove contact list from loan apps? I have explained this in one of my updates which you can find the link as you read on below. Better still, if you are on a loan period and you haven’t default, try to remove your contact lost from them by clearing your contact on Google contacts which is Gmail contacts, deny them access to phone, location and contact list when you seek loan or when you login to the loan app, then of there’s any update, update the loan app while you’ve cleared your contact and lastly delete the app. 

So that when you want to pay, you know the account to pay to and they clear you. This will reduce the rate of update on your phone but they already have some contacts saved on their system when you register and seek your first loan. 

In conclusion, there are so many loan apps that call contacts, send messages to contact or store contact on play store. You only need to read more of their reviews before installing and doing business with them. 

I know many people don’t read reviews but try as much as possible to read this reviews to know some positive or negative feed back from people before putting yourself in trouble. Imagine someone still asking about Lcredit if it’s a good loan apps to borrow money, and I was very worried that people still don’t have more information on loan apps calling contacts. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Let these apps continue to send defamatory messages to people, they won't get their money. People r wise up now. Their recovery methods are bad and unprofessional

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