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What to do when Loans Apps Send Messages to Your Contacts and Still Threatens

What can I do now that these loan apps are sending messages to my contact and still threatens me with lot of messages

I have decided to write on what to do when loan apps threatens you and send messages to your contacts? It has come to my notice that some loan sharks are threatening people lives, all because they borrow some money from them and I see this as an avenue to educate some of our people so that these people don’t die of loan depression. 

Note: please pay back your money when you borrow money from some of these loan apps or website because it’s not a good thing to borrow loan and refuse to pay back your loan. And if you know you can’t pay back then please don’t borrow any loan better still, ask your friends and family for assistance instead of borrowing money from some of these loan sharks

Going back to your discussion, I receive a message from someone on Whatsapp and he wrote some derogatory statement about one of my contact that he’s a thief, that he’s sick, he borrowed money and couldn’t pay, so he displayed his picture with some bad comment. I was annoyed and responded to him that is this how you will get your money back by defaming his character? He couldn’t say anything and started abusing me and I felt this agent will never get any money from this friend if mine. 


I also got another message from someone claiming to be working for Lcredit, he posted a picture with some bad article about a man claiming to be one of my contact. I called this man and he was sick and almost died of heart blood pressure. I noticed that many people don’t know their right on this and we need to treat this. 

I also got a complain where a particular loan app already send messages to all contact and still expected the person to pay despite sending messages which seems to me as a invasion of privacy and bad practice. Don’t worry, you don’t need to die, just follow our ideas and advice.

My idea and solution is that if any loan apps or company threatens you and send messages to your contact, then do the following:

1. Go to settings on your phone and revert the permission you earlier granted to them on contact, camera, location, phone etc so that they won’t have access to more information about you anymore or your phone anymore. 

2. Scammers have evaded the space and do not pay any money to any account if you don’t have access to their app especially through play store or iOS. I have heard report of people calling and sending account numbers to people to make repayment when the apps aren’t working, this is scam and do not fall for it. Don’t pay any money to any account unless you are sure it’s from their customer care. 

When you pay to any bank account, you won’t see evidence of payment and some of these apps can even deny it and you will be scammed or you’ve been scam immediately you do that. 

3. Protect your account, how do you do this? You need to lockup your account especially those using Gtbank. Some bank have card protect which stop unlawful access to your account through POS or web. When you lock it, then you are free. It will affect you too but anytime you need money, make a transfer or withdraw and later you switch it off again. This method is highly secured and good to protect your account from granting access to any apps. 

4. Know your right: please pay back the loan you borrowed if you have no issued with the loan site but immediately any loan sharks begin to send messages to your contact or threatens you, then they have defame your you, they have breached your privacy and please tell them to meet you in court. Just ask them of their address and official phone number and sue them in court. 

Don’t pay any loan company any money if they have started sending your pictures to your contacts. Some of these loan companies are owned by indians and Chinese and some greedy Nigerians who tried to rip people of their money. Don’t blame yourself fro this but find a solution where necessary so that you don’t die of hypertension. 

5. Use reputable loan companies: if it’s not Branch, Carbon, Fairmoney, Palmcredit, or Nodcredit, please don’t not borrow money from anything else because these are the legit companies registered by CBN and all other are loan sharks. They give you outrageous interest rate, short notice of seven days, and still threatens you as if they don’t know the law that bind their existence. 

6. Be careful: some of these apps are delisted from playstore and Google is really clamping down on them and even some have been reported to NITDA and are paying fine for privacy and defamation like Sokoloan apps and I noticed Lcredit have been removed from playstore. With this, you need to be careful so you don’t fall for scam. 

Let them deal with their apps before you pay or else, you will be facing payment not confirmed and since they don’t have physical office because they work from home. Scammers might also hijack these and sending account numbers especially sterling bank to you for repayment. 

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These are some of the things you need to do when loan sites, loan apps or Fintech apps threatens you or send defaming messages to your contact. Please know you right, pay up if you owe them but if otherwise do not pay anyone. Just send disclaimer messages to your Whatsapp contact that you don’t owe anyone and you have already sue them to court. Feel free to use the comment box to give feedback or make contribution. Thanks for reading.

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