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What You Need to do as a Teacher to Earn Extra Income With or Without Leaving your Day Job

What can i do as a Teacher to Earn Extra Income With or Without Leaving your Day Job?

If you look at the current situation in the country now, it seems things are getting harder and harder now and many people don’t even have a way out getting out of this hardship especially teachers working in private schools. Some teachers don’t even have a clue on how they can earn extra income leaving or without leaving their day job. As you continue to read on with this post, this is going to be like an eye opener for everyone that is involved in teaching especially in private schools which pay less. 

I’m not saying teaching is bad but in the country where I came from, teaching is not that lucrative especially if you work in the private school. I will be sharing my personal experience as well ideas from other people who have in one way or the other cope with teaching and her doing well. If you have found yourself in teaching, that is not the end of the world because you can still do some good things for yourself and move on.
So, if you are a teacher and you want to earn extra income with or without leaving your job, you need to get some skills along the line either you leave your job or not. You must get some skills which we will be mentioned as you read on with this post. I learnt a lot during covid-19 lock down but I feel teachers are the most hit during the lock down because some of those school owners couldn’t pay and there was problem. Although some teachers left the profession and didn’t go back to it again but those who are already stuck in it, this is your time. 

Now as a teacher, you need to do the following;

1.  Learn Affiliate Marketing: I think the only thing we need to do at this time when things are hard and the current inflation rate seems getting high is to start learning affiliate marketing. If you are a teacher that gets paid low and you want to do something better to increase your earnings, you need to get more information on affiliate marketing and its being done. Affiliate marketing is not really hard but it’s a way of picking a product and start selling. 

With the advent of more social media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram or Whatsapp etc, selling these products shouldn’t be a problem and if you don’t have the required followers for this, you can use paid ads to reach out to more people. 

2.  Learn to Drive: I included learning how to drive because you can go into transportation or do driving on a part time if you end up getting a car or a bus, then you weight both the teaching and driving to see which is more lucrative. So, if you are a teaching working in the private sector with low pay, then earn extra income for yourself by consider moving into transportation because it seems to work fine now.  

3.  Learn Youtube: I think no matter where you work as a teacher, you still have time to do some other things like creating videos and uploading it online. If you have an android phone with good camera, then you don’t have any excuse not Youtubing. What is YouTube? This is a social media for videos only. 

You uploading useful contents on YouTube and get paid for it through YouTube Adsense program but the only condition is that you must have at least 1000 followers on YouTube and over 4000 watch hour. With this you may not even need to leave your work and you work part time online without stress. 

4.  Learn digital skills: Like I said earlier, you need to learn digital skills. There are many digital skills you can start working on. Check your area of interest and what is required of these skills and start learning. This won’t affect you or your work but just evening or on weekends. You watch as many videos as possible on YouTube to put you on a guide. 

5. Home lessons: If you a teacher in a private sector with little or less pay at the end of the month, you must find a way of doing homer lessons, it helps. I have someone who is a teacher and he’s living fine with both salary and money gotten from home lessons. If you don’t know how to find one, there are forums that have a compilation of demand of home lessons, just join and you will be hooked up. Or you talk to one or two parent whose child is weak in Math or English and you start small. 

6. Learn to Blog: As a teacher, you can still start blogging because it’s one of the easiest things to do online. You just need to get a domain name or hosting and create a blog for yourself. You can still use free hosting from blogger and buy domain name from various domain registrars available in your country. Blogging takes time but very promising and it is good if you are a teacher because it doesn’t affect anything. 

You can post your article ones in a week, twice in a week or daily. Overtime you start getting sponsored post, you get opportunities and you may also enroll for Adsense where you earn extra income from ads displayed on your blog. 

7.  Start Learning Forex:  Another way you can make or earn extra income as a teacher without leaving your day job is to start learning Forex. Even if you can’t just start trading Forex in currencies or metals but keep learning because Forex is very delicate and very versatile. You can lose so much money within a short time and still make money within the shortest period. It requires learning and stay glued to this site because we will be posting lot of ideas on Forex for beginners as time goes on. 

8. Learn to sell something: Selling is one of the best things to do now not only for teachers but for everyone, you must sell something to people either you own these things or not. That is why you need to get skills and start selling things to people. You can sell physical product or sell services to people and get paid for it. You can go to the market, buy things on wholesales and sell to people even in your school doing this will keep you box up till the next pay day. 

In Conclusion, these are things you need to do as a teacher who gets paid low income and you may not even leave your job to do all these things and earn extra income from these. Just as we said, try sell something to people, start learning to trade Forex, learn to blog, learn to do YouTube, learn to drive, learn digital skills, learn to drive and start getting information about affiliate marketing. If you want more information, don’t forget to use the comment box below or better still email us. Thanks
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  1. Like you said in the part of the world where you came from�� but teaching isn't bad in the UK, US and Europe but worsein developing countries. Learn a ski and do part time jobs to support your skills

  2. Those who have heard should ear and start learning something new till it's enough to leave your teaching job for good. But teaching is good and lucrative is countries like Saudi, UK and US

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