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7 New ways to do business online without spending much money

There’s been many old ways of working and doing business online to make decent income from home, not that these old ways of doing business are old or out of fashion bottomed of these businesses will still be mentioned as you read on with this post.

If you take a careful look at what is happening around us now, you will see that one has to find additional ways of making money through internet business so as to act as a support to the money we make from other business especially our dad to day job, salary jobs or other business. 

Taking a careful look at these made me want to expose the best and genuine ways to do business online and be making some decent money through the internet. Maybe you have been a victim of scam or wrong business, if so, this post is for you.


Or you have some amount of money that was given to you or you’ve saved your hard earned money to do business, these are new ways to do business online and get paid. One thing I will like you to know is that doing businesses online is not a get rich scheme like so many people claim but it has to be taking step by step like other business that takes time to grow.
The new ways to do business online without stress or spending much money include;

1.  Buying and Selling: One of the sure and new ways to make do business online and get paid for it is to buy and sell. Online trading of buying and selling is not so difficult only if you know what to do. Like I ask a friend that what and what do you do online, what do you sell and how do you sell? He told me that he buys online from stores like Aliexpress or Alibaba and sell to his friends or also list it on Facebook or Instagram. He buys phone accessories like ear pods, earpiece, power bank, chargers etc and list it on Facebook to attract buyers. But the new ways to sell your product is to go for paid adverts like Facebook ads where you can get reach to wider audience. Not only Aliexpress, stores like amazon and Ebay also have good products you buy and sell to make some profit from it. 

2.  Youtube: If you seek another new ways do business online without spending much, you also need to go along with Youtube. Youtube is a video search engine with lot new opportunities to do business and make money from it. You can take your business on youtube by making videos and promoting your product to targeted audience either through paid or free video sharing. But the working opportunities there is to keep making original videos based on your area of expertise or just any interesting videos and you start making money on ads shown when the video is being watched by hundreds of people. You can read more on terms and conditions for monetization on YouTube videos. When you see people watching videos and ads are displaying on those videos, they are paid due to the fact that they have met youtube requirement of over 4000 watch hours and 10000 subscribers.

3. Adsense: Adsense program is one of the ways you can put your business online through advertising in various form. There are two programs on Google which are the Adwords and Adsende. The adword help you to display the ads of your product to thousands of people while adsense requires you to have a site or blog and make money by allowing Google place ads on your blog. Where you get paid based on clicks and impression on the ads. In our next post, we will be talking more about Adsense. Although adsense is one not a new way of doing business on the internet but still a working platform to earn money.

4.  Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing might not be a new program but we now have many new affiliate sites that pay you for action, impression, for click generated and most importantly for sales. Many people still use Facebook or Instagram to drive traffic to their affiliate product. Keep your fingers cross for more information on affiliate programs and site in our next updates.

5. Recharge and get paid: This is a new program that’s being around for a while now and I included this because I know few people that are benefiting from this program where they make thousands. According to their website, this is a program that give you commission based on every individual you refer and also get paid for every recharge you make for yourself or for people. Accumulation of all these money become bigger over a period of time either for personal use or for merchant. RAGP also give huge allowance and compensation after a period especially when you meet your target of growing your down lines that is, people under you and you can be given a trip to Dubai or money in lieu.

6. Forex: This is one of the biggest business you can do online that generate a good amount of income. But you must learn and get educated on how it works. It involves trading on different currencies from GBP, USD, EUR, YEN, Gold etc and knowing when to buy and when to sell so as to make more profit. Forex is not a business you just do or costly but you know how it works that is, when to see, when to buy, when to join a trade and when to get out of a trade or else you lose. To now more about forex, download the meta-trader 4 or 5 on your android or Iphone, get a stock broker, register a dummy account and learn to trade. So, much will still be discussed on forex as you read on with this site. That is why you need to subscribe to this channel so you get as many information as possible on what works.

7. Micro work: Doing work for people online are called micro work and sites like fiver, seoclerk are good site to register and start working it. Micro work is all about skills like graphic designs, animation, cartoon making, video editing, article writing and many more. If you know how to write articles for people, who if you know how to edit video or create animations, then fiverr should be your possible destination to work and earn from. Although, there are new actions or jobs that are available for only $5 or more. Like I can make you laugh for $5, I can sing for your birthday at $5 and many more.

In conclusion, these are the new ways of doing business online and getting paid for it. Don’t forget about micro working, forex trading, Recharge and get paid, buying and selling, Youtube, Adsense and many more. Feel free to ask any question or use the comment box to make a suggestion on ways to improve more on this site. Thanks

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