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Best Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs After Covid 19 Pandemic

During the lockdown, a lot of things happened, many businesses were shut down, many people weren’t making money, people were kept inside for so long and many people even lose their jobs due to the covid 19 pandemic. 

But as many were complaining about the pandemic and the loss and how it has affected their businesses, may people were smiling to the bank which means some make double their propfit on business, some tripled on return on investments, and some people even sold more of their commodities while some people gained more customers I even while the lockd i have taken a carown was on. 

Now that theres a gradual easing of the lockdown, i have taken a careful look at the business world, i was able to see what works, what is working and what is going to work only if you are able to tap from this knowledge which we will be sharing while reading onwith this post

Now that the covid 19 is gradually reducing in many part of the world due to the advent of more production and distribution of vaccines, we could see that businesses are begining to strive back to normal, dead business are getting up and small businesss are also gaining momentum. All this is just a way of making profit or passive income to support other things we are doing. 

Below are the business ideas for young entrepreneurs to make profit after the pandemic, which includes:

1. Food Business: Out of the many business ideas that really makes a lot of sense and profit during the pandemic was food business. I remembered that when other businesses were shutting down, even the Government allowed food stores, supermarkets and food retailers to be opened for business because the people are definitely going to eat. 

This shows selling food is a one business everybody need to reckon with. Raw food items like yam, rice, cereals, fruits and many more are good business to do As well as soft drinks and canned or bottled drinks business is also a good business to do. 


2. Online Business: If you are looking at the businesses you can do now that the pandemic is over, i believe online business is one of the best. While people were at home for more than 5 months, some online businesss people were working and making cool cash at home. 

There are so many internet businesses you can do at this time, in some of our later post, we will have time to digest each of this one after the other. 

Affiliate marketing is one of the sure online business you can do, youtube videos, blogging with adsense, forex, micro works, web development and many more

3. Forex: During the lockdown, many forex traders really made so much money because of the pandemic and they are still cashing out evenwhile we talk now. Forex is a good business you can do either as a young entrepreneur or as a starter. 

You only need to get a good broker, get a mentor to put you through the graph, the lines, the signals and all you need to know. Forex isn’t a childplay because you need to be ready for it and take a lot of lessons to start or you blow up your account within few minutes. More on forex will be discussed later on this site

4. Youtube: This is a broad business idea which we will require more time to explain but we just have to introduce you to youtube business for beginner or starter entrepreneurs. Youtube involves making videos on area of expertise or interest so as to make money from the views being generated from it through affiliate marketing, adsense or sponsored post. 

If you have a good phone or camera, then you can film yourself doing some things like cooking, making hair, teaching and all sort. There is still much about youtube to talk about and doing business with youtube can be very interesting but not a get rich quick scheme.

5. Adsense: Adsense is one of the oldest and sure online business that seems very reliable but take a little bit of time. It involves you being a site or blog owner and partnering with google as a publisher so as to display adsense on your site and get some commison from it when users view those ads. 

Adsense is also useful for youtube as well which helps you monetize your youtube videos and get commison on video ads displayed through your videos. We will still talk more on youtube adsense is our next post on internet business. Now that the covid 19 pandemic is gradually easing and the best business to look into is adsense for youtube or for blogs.

6. Buying and Selling: Buying and selling belong to both categories of online and offline. Theres no way people wont buy or sell in many part of the world. And if you take a careful look trading these days, you will see that the demand for items has increased the demand for delivery riders or drivers have improve. 

Buying and seling isn’t so tough if you have the right stores that sells at cheap or wholesales price. I went to the market, i bought an earpiece for $4 and someone like it and i said i can give it out for $14 which he agrees and it was sold, i got roughly $10 dollars ony for that alone. Now assuming i can sell like 5 to 10 of that daily, then i will be making like 50 to $100 a day which is good. 

7. Cryptos: I never knew cryptocurrencies can have a multiplying effect after a long start. That is why people like Elon Musk has suddenly became a Billionaire. When Bitcoin was sold at $1000, some people bought it and kept it in their wallet, later it grows to about $8000 and now over $50,000.  

The last i checked it was $25,000 and now 1Bitcoin is worth $60,000. if you want to invest in cryto currency like bitcoin, now is the time because the market wait for no one. Reserach on other cheap cryptos to buy and keep which may overtime become  a huge profit for you.

7. Building materials: come rain, come sunshine, bulding materials will always be a good business is in sub saharan areas like west Africa, cement, planks, gravels, nails, granites, sand, abestos, etc all didi well during and after the covid. If you are thinking of a business to do, you can sell building materialsand make your profit from it. 

9. Saloon Business: Despite the fact the lockdown was thorough and many places were closed down, salon and barber shops werent on lockdown because people cannot do without barbing their hair or women looking beautiful through hair making, fixing of nails, manicure and pedicure. 

This covid period really opened our eyes to some businesses that are really doing well irrespective of the circumstance. It doesn’tcost much to start a salon business but high profit especially if you are a starter. 

10. Phone repairs: Now that the world is going mobile in all ramifications, the demand for android or iphone is on the increase, so are the demand for repairers which are not even enough. 

You can achieve this by going out to learn on how to repair phones, and later become a shop owner for ophone repairs. If you are a young Entrepreneur or a starter that seems confuseon which business to door venture into, phone repairs is a good buiness that is really doing well now. 

So, all these business ideas were carefully researched and appropriate for starters to make some profit after the covid 19 pandemic or lockdown. If you have any question, dont hesitatet to use the comment box below for quick responds. Thanks

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