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Highly Profitable Business to do Online Without a College Degree or Being a Graduate

I can categorically tell you that the internet has grown so big and still getting bigger with lot of programs, apps, developments all going on. Infact, the internet has become a large market place for various trading activities and one cannot but join the internet or do one or two businesses online to earn some extra income either you have a pay job or not. 

You may not need a college degree or being a graduate before you can work online. As long as you are over 18 and can develop a skill, then you can do a business online and be happy you are doing that. I noticed that some people are scared, worried and confused on the kind of business they can do since they are not graduates or don’t have a B/SC certificate but it’s not so because the internet business is independent ion on your education background. 

Let go straight to the point and businesses you can do online without a college degree or probably being a graduate are described below. These include; 

1.  Freelancing or micro works: This is one of the oldest business people do online and it may not require you to become a graduate or college degree to do this. You only need to identify your skills and put your skills into work. 

If you know how to write articles, how to do anything, make people happy, teach anything etc. This is one of the highly profitable business you can do online through freelancing on sites like seoclerks, fiver, upwork and many more. But the first 3 mentioned are very good and trusted. Just go through the site, check the contents and see your area of interest of skills, register on begin to work. 


2. Selling of product: some people still don’t understand the concept of buying and selling and how profitable it is. Some people don’t even know how to start a business online involving buying and selling, it’s very simple. Do you have your own personal product or other people product you want to sell? 

You can take your business online by using the social media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and most importantly Whatsapp. You only post your product for free into groups, pages, your timeline or you boost these links as ads for few amount on any platform you want to use. 

3. Creating Videos: If you have a good phone and internet, and you are the social media type, you don’t need to waste all these resources because they are valuable, start creating videos and posting your videos on Instagram, facebook and more. 

We still have people who will patronize you for paid video skit or promo and you will be making money from creation of such videos. I have seen people post comedy skits on Instagram and YouTube just for fun but now, they are cashing out seriously after they have been monetized of their videos while some are even running paid adverts on their video platform or channel. 

4. Youtube. Youtube is a very good video social network for uploading of videos but it is far from what you think. Youtube has grown not only as a platform but it’s now a business where you get for uploading your videos online and get paid through sponsored videos or programs like Google Adsense which plays promotional videos or adverts on your video and you make money from that as well. 

You can be in any niche as long as your videos are educational, entertaining and copied videos like other people do. Youtube is also highly profitable based on your visitors and niche and you may not need to be a graduate before you can start doing business online on Youtube. 

5. Crypto currencies: This is one of the latest ways to do business online, invest online and cash out when the currency begin to go up or down. Sometimes, people even trade crypto currencies like other trading platforms. 

Like I bought bitcoin sometimes ago when it was $10,000 and now it’s around $50,000 without doing anything only storing it in your wallet and it appreciate overtime. Crypto currencies have raise many millionaire and many people are cashing out to the bank without doing anything while some people are still trading it and making money every day on it. 

There are good one with prospect like Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Smart Chain, and many more. This also doesn’t require you to have a college degree or certificate to start; it’s just a simple buy and store on your wallet and you will be surprise at how it will appreciate over a period of time.

 6. Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is one of the old ways of doing business online which requires no college degree or certificate to start. It’s just like online buying and selling where you create a page or simple website, place your affiliate codes or products on it and promote using social media like Facebook paid adverts. 

There are good affiliate programs like Clickbank, Ebay, Amazon and many more. More on this will be posted on our next post and ways to pick a product, best niche, products that sells very fast and many more. 

7. Football trading: This one is synonymous to soccer betting. Get a reputable soccer betting site, choose your teams and stake on them. Mind you this isn’t for everybody but for people who are very careful on selecting teams that can win matches as well leagues. Imagine, I stake 10odds play with 10 and surprisingly, it came and I got $100 without issues. 

8. Forex: Forex trading is one of the fastest ways do business and make some money online. Its very risky in the sense that you can make money fast from it and lose all. This doesn’t require you to be a graduate but you must take your time to learn it and take it as if your life depends on it. I will be posting some stuffs on this in our next post but you can find so many videos on YouTube teaching how to trade forex and make profits from it. So many techniques you need to know some which are fundamental analysis and technical analysis and you begin to trade. You can also trade metals like God and Silver but very volatile because they are metals unlike other currencies like USD,GPY, EUR, CAD, AUD, CHF etc. 

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