How to Block Loan App Calls on Your Phone

 How do I block loan app calls permanently? There are many illegal claiming to be legit loan apps on Google play store with thousands of people still patronizing them but many people fail to understand how unprofessional this people are when it comes to loan repayment and recovery. 

There’s been complain about loan apps calling various contact, sending  messages to contact and calling families and relative who knows nothing about the money you collected or not. Some people didn’t even borrow any loan from loan apps but still get plenty calls from these loan apps on behalf of some people who owe them from your contact list. 

Please if you know you collected loan from some of these loan apps or sites, try as much as possible to pay them back even if it’s bit by bit only if they are legit. The government has warned that people should stay away from unrecognized and unregistered loan apps so that you don’t put yourself into trouble of these apps calling you or calling your contact and from sending all form of defamatory messages to your contact like Lcredit, Ncash, Gocash, Sokoloan loan etc does.

But if you have in one way or the other borrowed money from these loan apps and have been calling you’re your contact, there are ways you can block them from calling you or calling your contacts. These will be explained as you read on with this post.

Quickly, I will like you to know that the Government have made it clear on the condition that makes a loan app reliable and registered some which we have like Branch, Fair money, Carbon and Palm credit which haven’t gotten any complain from them yet when  it comes to customer relations. I will like you to know that;

1.  Any Loan app that offers 7 days or 14days repayment is not a valid loan app and you need to be careful of this because they will always call your contact even if you are one day default in payment. 

2. Any loan app without a good and stable customer care line like Lcredit that will call you with different phone number from Monday to Sunday. 

3. Any loan app without good comment on Google playstore, then you need to stay away from such. If you check gocash, ncash, ncredit, lcredit on playstore, just scroll down a bit you will notice some negative comment on them that means you need to stay away from such loan apps because they will always call your contacts or call you. 

4. There are many Facebook pages that gives ideas on mode of operation of loan apps or websites from people who have in one way or the other use these app

If you are a victim of loan apps like lion cash, lcredit, ncash, ncredit, sokoloan  etc and you want to block these apps from calling you or your contacts, then use the following methods;

1. True caller Apps: How do I block loan apps from calling my phone? If you are an android user and you want to block loan cash like lion cash from calling then install apps like true caller to your phone. True caller will automatically identify their names and provide their common name like scam, Ncredit scam, Lion scam etc. If you see this then you don’t pick or cut. There’s a setting on Truecaller that requires you to put on like block calls on popular scam calls, block number not saved on your phone, block private number, block international number and many more. This setting will block all number not saved on your phone either temporarily or permanently. 

2. Block numbers on phone: I can I block loan apps from calling my phone? You can do this by going to settings on your phone or iphone and blocking this numbers from calling you. Just go to call settings on your phone, block spam messages, spam calls and block numbers not registered on phone. Mind you that some people might call you whose numbers are not saved on your phone but don’t worry because they will call back if they are your friends or family.

3. Report spam: How to block loan app calls? You can still block loan apps from calling your number simply by doing this. When this loan app call you and threaten you on your phone, just end the call and block or blacklist the number on your phone immediately. You don’t necessarily need and android phone to do this. 


Sometimes ago, Lcredit was calling and threaten me on loan I know nothing about and this person is not even my friend but one of those I have on Facebook. Then after the call I just block the line that call me and not only that I blacklist them. They have more than one number that they use to make calls but by the time you blacklist like 3 of these lines, you will be free.

4. Do a Disclaimer: For some loan apps that like to call contacts like lion cash, lcredit, sokoloan, ncredit, kashkash etc, just write a disclaimer on your whatsapp and tell your family and friends to block their number in case of any future call because many of these loan apps have been seen as illegal and many of these loan apps are still operating illegally. 

5. Make truecaller active: Like I said earlier, give permission to truecaller to pick calls, send messages, identify spam scam and you will enjoy the services of this app. Ture caller will always review the identify of some of these apps and it will block. 

IN Conclusion, we have explained the various ways to block loan apps from calling you, your contacts or loved ones. Just install truecaller apps on play store, go to settings and block them. You can also do that on call settings on your android phone as well. Blacklist these numbers after calls and let your contact see them as scam and block them.  Thanks for reading. 

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  1. Many of these loan apps are owned by Nigerians mind you. So everybody is just reaping and reaping one nother in a stagnant country

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