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How to Prevent Any Loan Apps from Calling Your Contact and Disgracing You

How do I Prevent Any Loan Apps from calling my Contact and Disgracing me?

It’s been a common thing and practice now that some loan apps like Lcredit begin to call the phone contacts of people on your phone telling people you borrowed a certain amount of money and couldn’t pay.

 L credit even went as far as calling the contact of my head of department and telling his contacts or some people in his that the man is being wanted by the police because he owed them. 

Just yesterday, a loan site call me that a certain man on my contact or probably a friend of mine use me as his guarantor, that he borrowed loan from them. This is a public disgrace to the man and his contact all because these loan apps or website are not being monitored or regulated by the government and they believe they can do anything by humiliating the people who are their customers.

If you have borrowed money from some of these loan apps and you have been receiving calls from them or probably your contacts have been receiving calls from some of these apps unnecessarily, then you can prevent this from happening simply by doing the following which will be described below. 

Note: The truth still remains that you don’t borrow a loan if you don’t have a means of repayment. Loans must be taking to finance a business or run a business for profit. Which enable you pay your loan with ease but if not, you might be getting into real trouble from some of these loan apps. 

Now how do we so this, it depends on the type of phone you use but there are two ways to do this without stress. The first way to prevent this happen is to:

a)  Go to settings on your phone

b) Go to apps and notifications

c). Scroll down to apps and permission

d) Then you see numerous options like camera, contacts, phones, message etc.

e) click on contact and careful switch your contact off the loan app you want to remove

f) You can do so to other apps as well that you don’t want them have access to your contact, phone or messages .

Method 2:

a) Go to settings on your phone

b) Find the named app you want prevent contacts 

c) Go to manage app although it depends on your phone

d) Scroll down to permission

e) Switch off access to contacts


Depending on your phone, both method works on any device or any android phone you have. It also apply to Iphone users as well. 

If you deactivate the loan app from getting access to your contacts using the above method, them you are 50% free from these apps calling your contact that you owe them .

 I said fifty percent because they will still have few numbers or contact of some that has been registered on their phone when you register then. But during the time of upgrade some of them might lose the earlier contact that might have been fetched in the earlier part. 

Better still, you can still uninstall the app on your phone which makes then not get easy access to your contacts. 

Lastly, If you know don’t have am means of repayment or repaying the loan, then do not borrow. Do not borrow  from apps that are not worthy of your business with them. Because some of these loan apps will make you feel like you have borrowed millions from them .

I heard apps owned by some wicked tribes and disguise to be real and the government can’t do anything about it because they pay tax. This is high level of wickedness if I must say. Do all what have been described and you will be free from embarrassment of these apps. Thanks for reading.

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