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Profitable Internet Businesses to Do as a Corper to Earn Extra Income During NYSC

What Profitable Internet Businesses can i do as a Corper Doing NYSC to Earn Extra Income?

The period of NYSC is such an interesting time where you obey the clarion call to serve your fatherland. But there are profitable businesses online you can do as a corp member to earn extra income at the period of NYSC.

I decided to share this because I notice that lot of corp. members need information especially from people who have once pass through that stage and possible things to do in order not to waste your time and money. I’m writing to let you know that the current situation in the country is not really palatable but hard. That’s why you need means of investing or doing some side hustle to earn some extra money.

Many years ago, I did my NYSC and the money wasn’t so much like this but I was able to do few things that later pay at the end of the day. I will be giving you paid information on good and highly profitable Internet Businesses you can do at this time. Just stay calm, feel cool and read on with this update.

The fact about earning extra income as a corp member during NYSC is all about information. There are two ways to this, is either you learn and invest your time before your finish the NYSC program and start right after you’ve ended the program or you start working online right away after you must have learn about the online business very well.

Now let get down to business, to earn extra income as a corp member, you need  side businesses like ;

1. YouTube Videos: One of the trending ways to earn extra income even as a corp member is to start uploading videos on YouTube. If you notice that those guys that makes skit online are entertaining people but they are making money from ads placed on their video through Google Adsense or other paid ads. 

The beautiful aspect of youtubing is that you only need to upload original videos on YouTube and that’s the only thing you need. It depends on your are of interest. Your course of study, your hobby, lifestyle, area of expertise etc can be of contents to you and with time, you might not even need to seek any job because YouTube will start paying when you reach a target of 4000 watch hour, and 1000 subscribers. You can watch more on YouTube on how to start YouTube and make money from it.

2. TikTok: This is synonymous to YouTube because you create videos and upload it to tik tok. TikTok is a video sharing app where you create videos short videos and share to friends and family online. Initially, I thought YouTube is one of the best to share create videos online and make money from it but Tik Tok is a little bit easier because the videos are way more shorter and easy to upload without costing huge amount of data plan to upload. 

You can also make money from this as a corp member especially when you have sponsored product to review, or review your own product. Like if you have a s in sewing, you can share your latest fashion styles, hair styles made by you or show how you were able to get it done. You can see that doing Tik tok will also help you promote your brand or local craft.


3. Affiliate marketing: This is one of the oldest way people have been making money online and I believe you can also try this during your NYSC as a side hustle. It doesn’t require much from you but your internet connected phone and social media.

What is affiliate marketing: the simple explanation of affiliate marketing is that selling other people’s product using various means like social media, page or website. It involves registering with good affiliate marketing site, get their product through a link or banner and start promoting using the social media.

If anyone pick up the link and eventually buy through your link or banner, then you get a commission from that sale. That is how you make extra income from affiliate marketing programs. It’s not something difficult but you need to learn how to do it smartly. In some of our next post, I will be mentioning some highly profitable affiliate site that accepts people all over the world.

4. Blogging: Blogging is also one of the oldest internet business people do to make extra income online. And I believe it’s still very relevant to you as a corp member. I left blogging for few years but here I am coming back to it because I have a lot of programs tied up to it like my Adsense, product sales, product reviews, sponsored post and many more.

If you are still in service, go get a domain name from reliable domain registrar’s like Namecheap, GoDaddy, etc and if you still have few box to spend, get a cheap hosting and let roll. You post anything in area of interest like what you like music, drama, sport, craft etc or you post contents on the areas of expertise like what you studied in School, what you are good at, and ready to share to people either for free or through paid membership.

After sharing the contents, then you can now register with paid ads program like Adsense that rent your ads space to display ads which they later pay you for ads click or impressions generated through your site. You can create a free website or paid hosting website to achieve the same goal. All these are not expensive bit necessary for you.

5. Micro jobs: These are ways you can earn extra income through the internet doing micro jobs. Sites like Fiverr have a platform where people buy and sell gigs. The gigs are the micro jobs we talked about, it means, what you can offer like writing contents, creating videos, editing, coding, singing, drawing, animations, teaching, and many more. If you have any special service you offer, why not go to Fiverr and offer yours service as gig for people to buy and earn money from that big time even if you are still doing your NYSC.

6. Online Buying and selling: As a corp member, there are job opportunities laying right there for you in which buying and selling is one of these opportunities. Take a look at this illustration, I have a friend that buys from AliExpress or Alibaba and resell to her friends at moderate amount or cheaper at times. I now asked this lady that how do you make money and she responded to me that the currency exchange seems low and she make money from it and also she buys from online stores that sells wholesale price.

And if you don’t buy from such stores like you have your own products, them display these products on Whatsapp status, Facebook timelines, Instagram and many more I know fee people that display their product like sandals, shoes, bags only on Facebook and Whatsapp and they are making money from it. .

In conclusion, these are ways to make profit from internet business as a corp member. We have discuss that every corp member not only save but invest in some online opportunities like buying and selling, making videos on YouTube and TikTok, making money on Adsense, affiliate marketing, micro jobs,etc. Thanks for reading 

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  1. I like this peace of information for our corp members. How some of them we think and make use of anyone of these following. It can be affiliate marketing, YouTube videos, Adsense or online trading and many more.

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